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Graphite Chill

Graphite Chill

  • High Quality Graphite Chill
  • Advantages:

1. Cooling the inner and external of the casting at the same time. With the property of high thermal conductivity, the graphite chills are able to absorb great amount of heat, thus cooling the inside and outside of the casting at the same time, This can not only solve the problem of loose texture of the hot section parts and shrinkage, but also make the fine lamellar pearlite more than 95%. The hardness can be increased by 20-50HB, and improve the abrasion resistance and wear resistance of casting surface.
2. Easy to operate. Due to light specific gravity, only about 1/5 of metal chill, it’s easy to be moved and not easy to fall when turning the box.
3. Graphite chill can be reused, low cost. It’s hard to be Scorch, oxidation, cracking. The life is more 5 to 10 times than the other chill material. The damage on the surface can be repaired and the chill can be reused again.

  • Physical And Chemical Index:
Items Unit Specification
Grain Size mm 0.045-2
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.65-1.8
Bending Strength Mpa 13-30
Compressive Strength Mpa 26-55
C.T.E ×10-6/ ℃ 2.5-3.0
Ash % 0.1-0.3
Round Diameter mm 5-1100
Length mm 10-3050
Square Length mm ≤3050
Width mm ≤1000
Height mm ≤600
Products can be processed as order requirement or drawings.
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