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Isostatic Pressure Graphite

Isostatic Pressure Graphite

Isopressing high-purity graphite is made into low ash raw material by high temperature graphitizing and ash handling treatment. Mainly used as discharge electron tube, thyratron, graphite block for mercury arc rectifier, graphite boat, pot and electric heating element for semiconductor technology, graphite utensil used for metal gasification, continuous casting, graphite mould for pressure agglomeration and graphite electrode processing.
In addition, in order to meet requirement from all high and new technology industry, we supply imported isotropy graphite for choice.
Characteristic: high density, high intensity, high purity.

  • Physical And Chemical Index:
Items Unit Specification
Grain Size mm 0.012-0.045
Bulk Density g/cm3 1.78-1.88
Resistivity μΩ•m 10-14
Bending Strength Mpa 28-50
Compressive Strength Mpa 60-100
C.T.E ×10-6/ ℃ 3.2-5.2
Ash % 0.05-0.1
Products can be processed as order requirement or drawings
  • Graphite Test:

Isostatic graphite and isotropy graphite is tested by quality inspection department, customer can check according to each standard.
Density test: YB/T 119
Resistivity test: YB/T 120
Compressive strength test: GB/T1431
Ash test: GB/T 1429

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